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NAMI Shelby Mental Illness Education and Support Group in Shelby County Alabama

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September 11,  2017

Please contact us if you  are interested in attending.

Registration is required.

No Cost for attending class  



Yes we are having a Family to Family Class starting Fall 2017. The class will be held every Monday 6pm to 830 pm for 11 weeks. This is a course for family members of Individuals with Mental Illness. The course is taught by Family members that have the same shared experiences. The course covers different topics of mental illnesses like how the brain works, medication and how it works, self-care just to name a few.

I took the class about 7 years ago when my son was first diagnosed with schizophrenia. For me it was a lifesaving experience and it is wonderful to be able to share with others that have same experiences. 

I have also taught a couple classes. The people who attend come from all different situations, parents of individuals, children of individuals, grandparents and siblings. Along with all types of mental illnesses like Major Depression, Bi Polar, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder. Some are at the first diagnoses and others have already traveled this long road.    Please remember there is NO charge. All we ask is if you will contact us before the class starts. Also if you miss the date please contact we may have another class starting soon.

Laurie Griffen